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We encourage individuals and organisations to link to the Dial a Designer website ( on the basis that the purpose behind the link cannot be regarded as being discriminatory. The source can be cited as follows:

The website of Dial a Designer Australia (

The Dial a Designer website is periodically revised, and content may be deleted or moved. We try to ensure that existing links will redirect to the new page(s).

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The Dial a Designer website includes links to external websites. These links are for your convenience and to supplement Pipeline content. In general, Dial a Designer links to:

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Selection of external links is at Dial a Designer's discretion and does not imply endorsement of external organisations, their products and services. Dial a Designer does not guarantee the currency, accuracy, relevance, or completeness of information found on linked, external websites. We link to other website pages according to our linking policy, whether or not the other website links to us.

We reserve the right to remove links to external websites that no longer meet our content needs.

We also reserve the right to demand the removal of a link to the Dial a Designer website without giving reason.

Periodic Link Review

Dial a Designer periodically reviews internal and external links to ensure that they are still functional and valuable, but you may occasionally encounter a broken link. If so, please send a message to us using our e-mail form

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