Find out more information about Dial a Designer

Dial a designer does pretty much what it says on the tin. We're a web development and graphic design agency that's set up to allow you to hire our staff on an hourly basis.

We're not super expensive either. In fact, considering the level of experience that our designers and developers have (some even have the title of Master of Design), we're cheaper than employing someone.

The benefits of hiring over employing are obvious, no contracts, less overheads, no insurance needed, the list goes on. But we find most of our clients use us to fulfill short roles like when staff members are of work sick or to assist with a current design or development team when they're overworked.

We're also useful to companies that don't see the need for a full-time graphic design of website development department. They tend to dip in and out, using us whenever they need something completed.

Just think of Dial a Designer as an extension of your business. We're part of the team (we've even attended our client's Christmas parties) an we'll do everything we can to make sure your business succeeds.

So if you need some Graphic Design or Web Development work completing, contact your nearest designer today and get a no-obligation quote from them.


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