Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the copyright?
The moment you pay in full, we assign full copyright to you or your company. It's then yours to do what you want with!

What about Printing?
We've been in the business a while and managed to forge some pretty strong relationships with printers around the world. The result is that we get huge reductions in print costs which of course we pass on to you!

Do you just do design work?
No not at all, we do a huge range of other work too! Popular services also include website development, multimedia applications and marketing.

Do you do marketing?
Yes! And we like to think we're pretty good at it too. Contact us for more information.

What about deadlines?
We'll always do our best to complete the work in a timely mannor and according to the timescales we set out at the start of the project. Like anything in life though, issues arise and problems need resolving. We'll keep you up to date at all times with regards to any unsuspected delays so that you can relay this to your clients.

What software do you use?
We're a highly skilled bunch so our knowledge runs across hundreds of different types of software. The main "go-to" applications though are Photoshop, Illustrator, In-Design, Acrobat and Dreamweaver.

What if I don't like what you've done?
Well like art, design is very subjective. We're all well educated in design and development so we know that things that work and the things that don't! There is a chance however that there will be some element that you or your client don't agree with. In this situation, we can either change it or explain in detail (perhaps with pretty graphs and statistics) as to why we did it that way and why it is beneficial to drive sales.

Surely it's cheaper to use services in India or overseas?
That really depends on the company (or student) you approach. Most overseas work is completed cheaply because of the lack of qualifications and experience in the field. Time difference and communication difficulties with overseas work may also increase the total amount paid with it normally working out cheaper (and with better results) in the long run to keep things local!.

Can I see your protfolio?
Yes and no! We work undercover....not like the detectives or anything though! We operate a strict white-label policy that manes you can re-sell the work we produce for you without your client finding out. To ensure we remain hidden, we cannot display any of our work online. See the "work" tab for information on how to get hold of some of our design work..

Can I meet my designer or developer?
Certainly! If you're close enough to your nearest designer or developer or if you're willing to travel then they'll be glad to meet you for a coffee!

How do I get things Started?
It's really simple. Just head to the "Dial a Designer" tab to see the contact details of the designer that is closest to you. From there either call them or email them to get the ball rolling! Simple or what?

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